software engineer | chamber executive | visual artist

Helping Business Communities
And Their Members Grow

Over 30 years experience as a software engineer, including data analytics, visualizations, and project management.

That experience came from the financial, healthcare, and goverment sectors.

Who We Serve

After several years in chamber leadership, I'm fully aware of the challenges we face with member engagement, retention, recruiting, and raising funds outside of membership dues.

Chambers of commerce and their business members need more help than ever.

What We Do

I focus on developing software tools that solve huge problems for chambers, yet are easy to use.

Goals This Quarter

By Decemberr 31 2022, I want to help at least 25 chambers of commerce deploy a "field guide" for their business community

Recent Accomplishments

  • developed a Gift Registry for launching new businesses; similar to a baby gift registry, a chamber can own a local business gift registry to help new businesses connect with the services they need
  • developed a business Field Guide that a chamber can to share benefits & tools with their business community; to help businesses navigate the economic landscape of their local community
  • developed BizKeepr as a combined hybrid note-taking and self-serve database application; everything a business needs to keep in one place can be kept in BizKeepr


photography, juggling, fishing, learning


North Phoenix Chamber of Commerce, NIA, WBC, SNP


chamber leadership, project management, full stack developer, data analytics, data visualization, business intelligence, ETL, data cubes/warehousing, strong written and verbal communications

Ideal Client

I'm looking for non-profit organizations that want to 1) improve their membership engagement, retention and growth strategies, and 2) generate revenue outside of membership dues; I'm also looking for small business owners that want to improve their marketing reach and internal operations

How I Help

I help chambers of commerce and other membership organizations improve their internal operations with data-driven solutions

How Last Few Clients Found Me

  • through the national network of chamber professionals
  • through linkedIn connections
  • business owners that experienced a chamber application

Introductions I Would Like

  • chamber and non-profit executives
  • business owners that need to get a better handle on their internal operations

Our Solutions